Flight Simulator Games Are a History of Gaming Flight

Water Takeoff

Water Takeoff

Flight simulator games have undoubtedly become more accessible, with the help of the internet, for anyone who wishes to try their luck.

Microsoft, with an excellent reputation for leading, was one of the first to make their flight simulator part of their package, beginning with a fairly advanced model that proved people were interested in flight software and programmes. The concept of using the keyboard, as opposed to a joystick, may have initially been problematic. But in true Microsoft style, it was popular with millions who returned from work to see if they could lift their jet off the ground.

However, the base idea for flight simulator games can undoubtedly lend some of its acclaim to the renowned pilots who command our skies, and whereby, in their training, have utilised these machines for the general safety of all air travelling passengers. On a flightier note, this technology was subsequently passed on to us, and through our PC’s, is now as realistic and enjoyable as possible.

War Planes

War Planes

Certainly, some documents suggest simulators began back in World War I, to help established pilots learn better tactics in training. And maybe, we should in fact, be thankful to those pioneers for bringing their unique skills to those of us – who have a great interest – but will never fly the real thing.

In our modern era, specifically speaking, the ‘electro generation’, flight simulator games were in huge demand in most trendy arcade games rooms. Sitting as boxes in the corner, you could climb onboard and be transported through the atmosphere at warp speed, which was appealing, at least to most, who had the stomach for it.

Now it’s safe to say flight simulator games are more refined and technologically graceful and anyone with a burning desire to raise and lower the landing gear over the city and runway of their choice – can do so with a few clicks.

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