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The term “joystick” is attributed to the pioneer aviator, A. E. George, who is believed to have invented the “George Stick”, which eventually became popularly used and known as the joystick. A joystick is an input device that is used for controlling video games. Joysticks have also found use in such varied applications as the control of cranes, vans, and lawn mowers.

The flight simulator joystick is indispensable for enthusiasts of combat games, since it represents the most important flight control in the cockpit. The typical joystick usually consists of:

  • A stick that pivots on a base, for operating such basic flight controls as rudder, ailerons and elevator.
  • About eight triggers, buttons and switches that are variously responsible for such operations as: extending and withdrawing the landing apparatus, nose-up and nose-down elevator trim, viewing around, and applying the brakes.
  • A lever for acting as the throttle.

A flight simulator joystick is usually two-dimensional, and has two axes of movement, like the mouse. However, one-dimensional and tri-dimensional joysticks also exist. The left or right movement of a joystick signals movement on the X-axis, while its forward or back {up or down} movement depicts activity along the Y-axis. For a tri-dimensional joystick, when the stick is twisted clockwise or anticlockwise, movement along the Z-axis is signified. In the case of a tri-dimensional joystick, the X, Y and Z axis respectively correspond to the roll, pitch and yaw of the aircraft.

Most modern joysticks connect to the USB {Universal Serial Bus} port, a standard that is far more preferred than the traditional one of the game port. The current leading manufacturers of the flight simulator joystick include Microsoft, Logitech, Thrustmaster and Saitek. However, players still await a unified driver to be offered to them, dispensing with the confusion of multiple icons and compatibility issues.

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