Microsoft Flight Sim Used by Real Pilots

MS Flight Sim

MS Flight Sim

Certainly, one of the more renowned flight simulators sprang out of the ingeniousness of Microsoft, as they introduced their pilot version of Microsoft flight Sim. With many high-end definition aspects already incorporated, those who began playing on this model had a fairly substantial choice to begin with; on aeroplanes to fly; as well as a series of runways to boot.

Of course, in true Microsoft style, they weren’t just happy with having introduced the game to the market of PC lovers. Since the PC game market had begun to escalate at a rapid pace, they took the insights learned the first time-round and applied them to all the latest Microsoft flight Sim packs. They were brilliant at adapting with the years and changing with the growing trends of flight simulator game lovers.

With an eye always set on the future and advancing the program, Microsoft kept a close watch on the add-ons and varying scenery, constantly building on the profile, so it would give their simulator the genuine feel of authenticity.  Certainly, they seemed to hit the nail on the head on the first try, but the result of continuous work on the program has definitely made Microsoft flight Sim not only a household name, but a very respectable package for those learning to fly.

The aircraft have always maintained and simulated real kinds and the scenery has come from years of technological advancement, to make the experience as real and as exciting as they come.

Perhaps, better known for the awards won, and the fact that it is the longest running flight simulator still available on the market, means the level of success that Microsoft has endured is testament to their skills at bringing the best software to paying customers. For the uninitiated, Microsoft flight Sim is one for the collection.

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