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Flight Pro Sim

It’s a rare thing to be completely satisfied with a product, but it happened. The very best flight simulator is Flight Pro Sim. Whether I’m flying from Sydney in the heat of winter, or windy Chicago in the chill of fall, I found that everything down to the finest detail was included.

The real joy was the 60-day guarantee of the program. If for any reason I didn’t want it – if it was defective or even if it didn’t meet my expectations – I had 60 days to return it for a full refund. That astounded me. And it will astound you too!

Attention to the Finest Detail

In any flight simulator game I’ve played over the past 2 years I’ve had graphics that didn’t quite meet my expectations. Either the runway of the airport was too grainy or the cockpit instruments didn’t quite cut the mustard. But this game, right down to oil smudges on the tarmac, was completely accurate.

There are many things to say about the detail in this game. One thing you might find really interesting is the way the runways themselves are designed. If there is even a slight incline on the runway, it’s in the game. On the left of the cockpit is a flock of pigeons.  People look out of the windows. It’s all very real.

100% Freedom

You might be interested in the freedom Flight Pro Sim offers. If, for some reason, you want to take the plane down in a field in Iowa you can. Whatever you want to do, this game allows you to do it.


As mentioned above, you have a 60-day guarantee that covers everything. The ordering is done on a secure online form. All in all, my experience with Flight Pro Sim exceeded anything I could have hoped for.

Rest assured, I have tried Flight Pro Sim and can personally recommend this product.

From my review I have found that Flight Pro Sim is easy to use, offers loads of extra features.

This is an amazing piece of software and is available at a bargain price, you really can not lose.

This is really the closest I have come to Real Life Flying without even leaving the house!

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George Cayley

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