Review of Flight Pro Sim

Flight Pro Sim Doe offer Real Life Flying

Flight Pro Sim Does offer Real Life Flying

It was my birthday recently and I got a really fascinating flight simulator program called Flight Pro Sim. Everything down to the finest detail was in it. What I really loved was being able to communicate with other players from around the world. All in all, I can honestly say that it was the best flight simulator program I’ve ever used.

The Detail of the Game

A truly remarkable feature of the game was their eye for detail. Everything down to the buttons in the cockpit to the stripes on the runways of the airports was accurate. The best part was that the designers used Google Maps to do some of their fine tuning of the game.

What this means is that if I want to see an actual picture of where I’m flying, it’s all right there in the program! A defining feature of the game is the attention paid to things like weather. Let me explain.

When it’s summer in the North Pole, it’s sunny all the time. If it’s summer in the South Pole, it’s constantly dark. Winter in Argentina is warm and sunny, while winter at La Guardia Airport has an icy runway and snow falling.

Flight Pro Sim - Airport

Flight Pro Sim - Airport

Simulation of Airports

One of the features of Flight Pro Sim that really made me love the program was their attention to the details of each airport. If there was a slant on the runway of the real airport, the virtual one had the same thing. It seemed at times that I wasn’t playing a game, but was instead flying a real plane!


Although I loved the game thoroughly, I was really impressed with the ordering process. Ordering is done on a completely secure online form. Also, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Truly, this program and the site are the best available.

FlightProSimBoxDo you want a Real Life Flying Experience?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then I strongly recommend that you check out the Flight Pro Sim Software.

This software lets you fly anywhere in the world, and land at any of the over 20,000 real life airports world wide.  Simply connect to the server and you even have acurate weather patterns and actual outside flying conditions.

With 100’s of planes to master this offers hours of entertainment for the one low introductory price. The software is also regularly updated, with new addons constantly being added Click here to go check it out now!

6 Part Mini Course

6 Part Mini Course

6 Part Mini Course

Learn how to fly like a pro!!


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