The Art of Flight

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For many, flying can be a daunting prospect, especially if one has had a bad experience and doesn’t wish to repeat it. Although, given the safety records in the sky, this seems very rare indeed.

For lots it is a privileged joy that may or may not stem from some kind of work commitment. While for others, a flight is only necessary on the annual vacation.

Whichever bracket you fit into, if any at all, there are a growing number of people who look to the whole aspect of flying as a hobby. Witnessed, most recently in the so called ‘boom years’ when more small private jets and aircraft were sold than in any other period in history. And while circumstances may have changed again today, there are still a number of significant folk who proudly classify themselves as flight enthusiasts.

The idea that you can go on the computer and learn all there is to know about flying and then experience the real thing in simulation is very exciting.  While we can thank technology for the updated versions, simulators, landmarks, and accompanying instruments, it is undoubtedly the personal desire to spend a little time grappling with the craft; that counts and will inevitably make it all worthwhile.

While flying has become a massively commercial enterprise, as airlines begin and collapse every day, it seems the small airfields that probably don’t make much of a profit anyway, still thrive, due to the sheer passion people have for ‘the flight.’ It’s certainly this kind of enthusiasm that helps anyone looking to carve a hobby out of it, while going a long way to the creation of good flight simulators to keep enquiring fingers occupied.

Whatever way you like to think of flying, with the resourcefulness of the internet, any kind of research is possible, including downloadable software to help turn your passion into a reality.

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