The Captivating World of the Microsoft Flight Simulator

Out the window

Out the window

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulation program for Microsoft Windows, which is marketed and vastly seen to be a video game.  It is one of the best-known long running wholesome home series in-flight simulation programs.  The product was previously available in all Microsoft portfolios, which was a bit different from the other software that was vastly business oriented. It has a history of about 25 years, making it the longest running enterprise. It even predates windows by about three years. History has the Microsoft Flight Simulator being arguably the longest running of all PC games series in this age.

The flight simulator is not much of a game than a virtual environment that is immersive, quite complex and can be difficult for new users because of its realism. However, it is very rewarding for those who take their time to learn the basics and for the skilled flight simmer.  The flying takes place across the world and in varying details. It includes around 24,000 airports. You will find very individualistic and detailed scenery which represent main landmarks and generally ever rising and growing cities and towns. The Microsoft Flight Simulator details of landscape are usually patched away from population locations and mostly outside the US, although a number of websites give you add-ons for scenery to remedy the situation.

Flight Simulator Add-ons

A long history coupled by a consistent popularity in flight simulation has brought in the world a wide range of add-ons, which have been developed both as volunteer and commercial add-on ventures. You can find software development kits and other tools that are crucial for the facilitation of third party’s efforts. There are both free and commercial add-ons. Ensure the add-on has been fully tested to work with the simulator before you use it.  A good guide is to go for those made by Microsoft approved companies.

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