The Next Milestone in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

Real Life Flight vs Flight Pro Sim

Real Life Flight vs Flight Pro Sim

Some wonders in the fun side of life are gradual and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 is a testament. With over a century in the world of flight, huge steps have been made in the award winning program of flight simulation to reproduce flight experience as exact as possible.  The program is a celebration of about twenty years in development and perfection of flight simulation.  A century of virtual flight allows aviation fans and enthusiasts to enjoy the experience of controlling historic aircrafts such as the NYP Spirit of St Louis by Charles Lindbergh. You will also experience this is the world’s first ever-successful powered airplane, the Wright Flyer, as well as the Douglas DC-3.

There are new interactive and engaging features in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 such as multimedia that provide priceless historical information about the planes that shaped the aviation industry. It includes information on the flight pilots of the planes.  The software also explains all the information you might need to know about the flight simulator as well as the 24 aircraft that are a part of the software. It has dynamic clear weather system, automatically enhanced generated scenery or Auto-Gen with detailed visual effects, improved functions of air traffic control, and cockpits that are 3D interactive. The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 also includes 15 modern aircrafts, which include the Robinson R22 helicopter and the Beechcraft.

To operate the system, you need Microsoft Windows packages, such as Windows 98, XP, 2000 and Windows-ME.  Your PC must be equivalent to 450 MHz or a higher processor, 128 MB RAM for windows 2000, XP and 64 MB for windows 98 and Windows-ME. The computer hard disk must contain 1.8GB of available space, 8MB required of a card reader, 4x speed or even faster CD-ROM drive and a sound card, and headphones or speakers for audio output.

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